A tribute on janmasthami

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

Krishna Consciousness

On Janmastami I was flooded by messages on whatsap and social media full of soppy songs on Krishna, who’s Birthday it celebrates.

  The funny ones from  irreverent friends spoke of his birth in Jail, history of crimes, murders, womanizing etc and  admired him for reasons that would make Munnabhai proud.

But look at him critically, and he is a path breaking figure in the Epic.

He is a tough guy, as evident from the numerous battles and physical combats he wins, beating demons, champion wrestlers, and others, but there is no machismo about him. He happily spends time with the women and his music, chills out with friends, takes care of his looks; in fact, he is the first metrosexual man in history.

He is aware of his divine status, but doesn’t rub it in, preferring a mortal lifestyle. Moreover, except for the fabulous motivational speech set to…

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