1. Being the guy you have written about, I loved that you have taken the mission of Customs Superintendent Souza to the world. Truly appreciated, and thanks a ton.

    Great story telling quality, without losing the facts. Interesting reading.

    For all who read this blog – I was 25 when I left smoking, thanks to Mr Souza, and I am 65 now. Have managed for 40 years. I hope the young 2nd Mate, Souza, rests in peace, and the story inspires others.

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  2. This Fathers Day, there were instances, where the son and self clashed due to a couple of poor (my opinion) decisions of the Indian captain , but, thanks to the shoddy (and yawning) Pakistanis, the mini-war between the father and son culminated into great bonhomie, once India won, close to midnight.

    Your article also brought back old memories, when I would deliberately lose to my son in all games. There was happiness in general, and especially for the son and his proud mother.

    Great article.


  3. Extremely hilarious and very true of Punjabis and their weddings.

    I did not know that a big breakfast, followed immediately after by hearty beer and lunch, as experienced by me in a couple of Sikh weddings I have attended, is the norm. Thanks for the useful (for the future) information.



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