Love and duty

Love and duty
I have spoken earlier about how random canines get attached to me on the roads.
This became a problem when a large stray in the famous Radhanagar Beach at Havelock, Andaman’s, became extremely friendly.
He kept playing with us, splashing in the waves, running to fetch sticks, even from the sea, and generally kept us entertained.
But when we wanted to leave, wouldn’t let me go, holding my arm gently but determinedly in his teeth.
Finally, after making him run into the waves after a stick flung really far, I had to run like crazy to get back to the car.
Talk about clingy relationships, this took the cake.
Being pet owners who like to travel, we often choose weekend getaways to pet friendly resorts we can drive to.
The Den, in Corbett, is one such, and also boasts of two lovely dogs, which act as guards come guides for trekkers.
They promptly adopted us, accompanying us everywhere.
They are excellent guides, and took us to all the permitted routes, up the ridge to the village on top, to a hilltop with snow view, down to the river, and safely guided us back to the resort. They were sufficient to scare of leopards, and would give sufficient warning for us to get away if elephant or tiger was nearby.
But their protectiveness came with a problem.
Whenever we decided to take a swim in the Rāmgangā, they would dive in and drag us to the shore, thus, according to them, saving us from drowning as they were taught.
We had to sneak away avoiding them like schoolboys playing hookey, if we wanted to swim.

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