Perks of writing.. London

Perks of writing 8
I was in London for a roadshow on behalf of a delegation of Indian companies. I was there more as a networking person rather than a technical guru.
My real reason was to catch up with my wife who was on one of her frequent business trips to London for her company, on some other matters, and had partial success in my plotting, but that is a separate story.
When the various stakeholders were being introduced, the mc, an industry senior, and a great fan of my writing, introduced me last, stating what a wonderful writer I was. Everyone was staring at me wondering what I’m doing in a business meeting on energy.
I had to intervene, saying that I was not only a writer but also an underwriter, and with reasonable experience. Everyone laughed and the meeting proceeded
No technical query was addressed to me, and post lunch, one of our hosts took me to a literary tour of London, guided by two young interns, a literary minded boy and a girl, pub hopping historic watering holes with literary connections, seeing baker street and houses and places related to their rich literary tradition, while the others argued boring figures in the meeting. I met up with the others only for the dinner party, after a wonderful tour of London. And all this happened because I was introduced as a writer rather than an underwriter in a business meeting.
Another perk of writing

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  1. Everytime I taste the Sundance with my petite sight, I get enriched with an ignorable stride of a prolific soul…🙏🙏🙏

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