A Favourite food

A Favourite food

The exercise was to write about your favourite food using 5 senses.
My attempt

The amber liquid
And the tinkling sound
The peaty flavour
So smooth it goes down
The aroma of nectar
Single malt I’ll be bound


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A Weekly humour coloumn

A Weekly humour coloumn

#humour #KitchenFisasco #BachelorsLife #WhyPigsHaveWings #DifferentTruths
Here’s an interesting account by Soumya, a humourist, on cooking. We are introducing his humour column, beginning this week, on Tuesdays, exclusively on Different Truths. I am a foodie. My girth hints at it. I take a keen interest in the creative process of cooking too, but all strictly theoretical. I also enjoy cooking as a spectator sport. The glamorous cooks on television make it look so sexy. [ 933 more words ]


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Cracking the Mains — Shillong Style

Bohemia 1 bureaucracy 0

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

Cracking the Mains — Shillong Style

There is a rite of passage to Manhood ritual that is practiced by all Graduates in India, called cracking the UPSC, the acronym for the body conducting the civil services exams.

This is an annual event, held since the colonial times, in the ancient tradition practiced in China for millennia, of testing the youth in various academic disciplines, to choose the body of men ( women too, but will continue to use the male gender for convenience, feminists please excuse) who will administer our great nation.

Every young man has to participate in this gruelling mega event at least once, more often thrice, nowadays as many as six times, till they are young no more. The prize is an entry to the hallowed circle of Avatars, or Gods, of the Indian Avatar Service, otherwise known as the IAS. The consolation prize is The Allied…

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Now that cyber privacy is a hot issue, reviving earlier thoughts on the subject in rhyme

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

What would I reveal online?

My take on Project 365 prompt

My life is quite an open book

You can look in every nook

My FB status is Public

Where you can find all you seek

About my past and present life

And what’s more, even my wife

Is privy to my inner strife

As told in shares and likes and posts

All my ravings, empty boasts

As for my hidden murky past

My blog posts reveal all at last

But there’s one thing that makes me quell

I will never kiss and tell!Image

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learning to ski

Sharing once again my first visual story

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

she can too she can too

but can he? but can he?

ha ha he thinks he can ha ha he thinks he can

he coudnt he coudnt

LOL he thought he could LOL he thought he could

no issue, will try again no issue, will try again

never give up never give up

learning to ski

she can

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Reviving an old whimsical story

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

caveman chefcavemanFLY ON THE WALL
The Admins of Project 365 asked for volunteers for a suicide mission to be a fly on the wall at any point in History, so I promptly did. Armed with special powers I wondered where to go first!
Unveil the secret behind the Resurrection by visiting Jerusalem at the turn of the millennium? Dan Brown would lose his readership, but I might upset too many believers.
Find out the reality behind the Mahabharata wars by flying to Kurukshetra a few more millennia backwards? But with Bramhastras flying around, even a fly might get fried. Could return later perhaps?
Then I hit upon it! I had always wondered at the brilliance of the man who first invented omelets. To look at the dirty round shells emerging from the rear end of birds, which contain a smelly yellow liquid when broken, and to dream up these fluffy golden…

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Shalimar Baug , Srinagar

A rose to greet you all on valentines day, from the scenic battleground of Srinagar,at the romantic Shalimar Gardens


Not only were the tourists making faces for selfies, but the flowers too



This one seemed positively belligerent.


A bunch of fat cats


Shahjahans eye view


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