Vignettes of turkey

Vignettes of turkey
Delhi international Airport at midnight is like sealdah station or Mumbai central or sadar bazaar at peak hours. Queues for immigration and security check are like going sribhumi puja or tirupati or Lal baug cha raja ganpati.
Experience of post retirement travel in economy class, without special gates
Indigo is a no frills airline meaning NO FRILLS. Scrunched up in cramped space shivering with cold, a baby wailing and the sound is like skewers in the brain. No blanket, pillow, eyeshade or earplugs provided. But the body is resilient especially after 1.5 hours standing in immigration and security queues. I slept and snored and between us me and the baby kept the whole plane awake. The pilot didn’t escape with a parachute because we were flying over Pakistan and Iran.
Turkey is full of cats as prophet loved them. Now we know why he wasn’t keen on dogs.
100 years of secularism and being the heart of Christiandom is making the Islamic moves half hearted. The churches and museums are converted to mosques but the Christian frescoes are only partly covered by sheets in the inner chamber, but you can peer behind, and Jesus and the saints reign on the outer side and passages. Even earlier Greek Roman and Egyptian images are everywhere. Dress codes and segregation are mentioned but often ignored. Dress is also largely European. Only few locals in hijab, mostly tourists from Islamic countries. Maybe because we’re staying in the European part
Food is amazing. Wide variety of cheese,olives, salami, sesame sweets, fruits, honey. Soup however is plain musur dal without tadka or phoron. Kebabs are dry hard and unmarinated, so not to our taste. Had the original chello Kebabs, ours is better πŸ˜†.
This place has people from so many countries its incredible. East Europe, Central Asia, cis countries, North Africa, Middle East, France and no one speaks English. Except cruise ship geriatrics from USA and Indians from gulf south Africa or England. A Bangladeshi guy sang amazing Rabindrasangeet.
Many turks have mixed ancestors. Our guide has Greek and Bulgarian ancestors
The turks are extremely good looking. An average person can walk into Bollywood. And the women dress in western clothes that look like starlets giving photoshoots
Lots of Turkish food gave Istanbul belly and I used a surprisingly clean public loo in the mosques premiises, ironically, the hagia Sofia πŸ˜†
Capadacia is magical. The balloon ride and the underground city were unbelievable. Also did the atv ride forgetting my age and narrowly escaped serious injury but it was an experience. Staying in a cave hotel in refurbished ancient Greek houses
A Mediterranean breakfast. Fruits cheeses olives sesame bread, honey, cinowa, eggs, salami, coffee
The extremely popular Beaches in Turkey like Kusadasi and elsewhere in Europe, including the fancy Cannes and Nice in France or the popular Brighton in England are gravelly, rocky strewn with pebbles, narrow, no surf, the water is cold, although its very clear clean calm and blue, good for swimming. They’re often not free, and certain rock free areas are roped off and you pay to swim.
Contrast with the Indian beaches, wide expances of glorious fine yellow sand, roaring surf, though the water is sandy and not clear and currents often make swimming difficult and dangerous.
And even 5 star resorts aren’t permitted to rope off beaches or the sea
Despite this hoards of sun worshippers spend so much to lie on mats on the gravel, which aren’t very comfortable on all European beaches which Indians wouldn’t even visit in India.
I was wondering why this is so.
Maybe our sun is too hot and grills the bathers instead of tanning them or maybe it’s the fear of oglers, who are absent from European Beaches. But if the bathers are there in the multitudes, I’m sure the oglers would disappear, as it wouldn’t be a rare and prohibited sight to see skin.
I also wonder why India has not become a surfing destination.
Taksem square
Street music.
Karol bag feel
Turks have one thing in common with bongs. An incredible and bewildering array of incredible sweets
Fulfilled a long standing ambition today
Had always been envious of the government clerks who slept peacefully in public parks in the afternoons on weekdays.
Finally did it
Sitting in a beautiful garden by the sea watching families picnicking and tourists strolling and cats frolicking, I dozed off, and spent a lovely afternoon sleeping in a park bench by the Mediterranean sea
A delicious seafood dinner on the waterfront after the sunset cruise and a vigorous swim in the incredible blue waters of the Aegean sea, and a beer on the beach

Among the hotsprings. Limestone terraces, Greek ruins, mudbath, feeling hopelessly overdressed among a sea of bikinis.
The incredible sunrise ride in the hot air baloon over a magical canyon
The temptation of riding through the ravines in the spectacular capadacia, which we had earlier seen from the hot air baloon, made me forget my age and the fact that I was never a biker dude, was overweight and had hardly driven myself in the last dozen or so years, and go for a atv ride through the canyon. It was a harrowing experience and after one accident I had to ride pillion for the last 5 kms. But at least then I could get to experience the scenes. Earlier my full concentration was on staying upright



  1. β™‘ Marvelous presentation on Vignettes of Turkey, covering every beautiful aspect of the tourist destination πŸ€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’₯.
    β™‘ Marvelous images.

    β™‘ Reference to atv ride is frightening (to me) and admirable that you could manage the ride πŸ‘ β˜˜οΈπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’₯.

    β™‘ Excellent sense of humor- “The pilot….flying
    over Pak & Iran….”.

    β™‘ Superb satires on Delhi Airport, on Government Clerks (… public parks) and on Indigo (-no frills Airline) !

    β™‘ Your post inspires me to plan a visit Turkey πŸ€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’₯πŸ™.

    β™‘ Best Wishes,πŸ’₯

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