Fu na ha na po na bha
That was the question we were asked in the morning by Bikramda…. Our cook housekeeper and guardian .
We were being asked how we wanted our breakfast eggs. Full boiled, half boiled, poached or bhaja…which was a masala omelet.
He had come along with my mom as dowry, and ran the kitchen with fierce independence, where no one was allowed entry or interference. He knew every ones preferences and decided the menus, doing the shopping himself, and managing the household budget, and no one could ask for the account.
An exquisite cook, he was in demand for all functions in our extended circle as executive chef.
His dishes were legendary and called by the rather disturbing names like Bikramdas mangsho, or Bikramdar alur dom.
Today he must be cooking ambrosia for the deserving, in the place good people go to, where my parents are, and we’ll follow in time

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  1. These anonymous people silently spread happiness and bind the household almost surrealy.
    Take a bow to the Bikram Das of the world

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