Getting drenched

Getting drenched
When my kids were small, we used to celebrate the monsoons by getting drenched together.
The neighborhood kids who were forbidden to do so pointed us out to appeal to their parents, to their annoyance.
After they grew older, our kids independent bohemian exuberant lifestyle and our laissez faire parenting continued to set a bad example to the neighborhood.
When I and LOH got drenched together in our yard, a neighbor commented that married people shouldn’t behave like this.
Once, in a strange city, as trainees in a government organisation, traveling in an auto with a newly met colleague, we were both wistfully looking out at the pouring rain. Then, we asked the auto rickshaw to stop and walked in the rain, getting drenched. Later we told our colleagues that we couldn’t find transportation and got caught in the rain.
Nowadays too I feel like doing this, and occasionally do, but find that I feel cold after a while and worry about falling ill.
I realize that I’m growing old



  1. ♡Marvelous experiences (of getting drenched in rain)🍀💐💐💐🎯🏆💥. Superb images.

    ♡ The entire wealth cannot match the joy of getting drenched in rain !.

    ♡ Heart touching and praiseworthy:
    “Later we told our colleagues ………got caught in the rain”.

    “Nowadays too
    …….falling ill” !.
    ♡ Your observation is very humble:
    “I realize……growing old” ♡ ♡ However, not true (in my view)🙏.

    ♡ Best wishes, 💥

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