When we got married, my roommates moved out of our barsati and my wife moved in.
As the wedding happened without the knowledge and consent of our families, we didn’t receive any wedding gifts, because all my friends who were witnesses to the ceremony and came to the party afterwards only brought liquor which was consumed right away.
As our barsati wasn’t fit accommodation for a lady, we moved to a one bhk flat with my belongings, which consisted of one folding bed and one backpack with a few clothes. She had also brought just one small bag of clothes , so that we desperately needed a few things to start our life together.
We also had empty bank accounts and lived from salary day to salary day, so we bought a few essential kitchen items and a few clothes to start with and made a list of things that we needed to get over time , marking priorities.
It went somewhat like this
1. Double bed
2. Gas connection
3. Refrigerator
4. Desert cooler
5. Vacation
6. Chairs…..and so on till perhaps
30. Car
31. Flat.
These last were supposed to be years in the future.
But then, two things happened. Firstly, there was a wage revision and we got some arrears.
We immediately bought a bed, a fridge, a gas connection and a dresser with mirror, as the bathroom mirror was OK for shaving but not for a lady to get ready for office.
We also took a flight to Goa and had the vacation together that we had missed out on earlier.
The next thing that happened was that I was made a branch manager, the youngest ever in the city, and thus was given a car and a telephone.
So the item at the bottom of the list came right at the beginning, in the form of a sparkling new white premier padmini.
Our landlord, who didn’t have a car, was upset and immediately obtained a Maruti on the black market.
We didn’t have a place to keep the phone, and kept it on a moda or stool.
Remember , thes were the days when you waited years for a phone or gas connection or a car, unless you paid in black or had major connections, or were a government servant like us and in a privileged quota.
As salaries went up and arrears from revision came every fourth year, our vacations became frequent and we bought more white goods from the list. The company also replaced my car with newer models every few years and we started traveling abroad after selling the old cars
But the one thing on the list that kept eluding us was the flat of our own, as a major builder collected our lives savings and absconded, declaring bankruptcy leaving us to keep paying emis to the bank.
Now we have everything we need and are staying in a house with a garden that my father left for us, and the list is long lost, but we fondly remember the adventure of two rookies with no ideas about managing a family, starting life together and surviving to enjoy life to the fullest.

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  1. ♡ Inspiring success story, experiencing ups and downs in life, sharing joys and meeting challenges together quite successfully ☘💐💐💐🎯🏆👏.

    ♡ Excellent observation, that in those years, one has to wait for years to get car, gas and phone connection.

    ♡ Most inspiring:

    “Now we have everything we need……………to enjoy life to the fullest”.

    ♡ Wishing you many many years of togetherness, with Prosperity, Happiness and Good health 🍀💐💐💐🙏.

    ♡ Best wishes,💥.

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