Musings on what we eat or drink

Musings on what we eat or drink
As a Bengali I have been often teased by Hindi speakers saying jol khaben?
Yes we do eat water as well as food and even cigarettes, solid liquid or gas, as long as it’s through the mouth. And we eat a great deal of other things that Sukumar Roy has described so excellently in his immortal comic poem Khai Khai
But he left out two.. ei khele ja.. an exclamation of annoyance, and… public malta khache … if an idea sells.
Even Hindi speakers only eat and drink.. and don’t smoke , including cigarettes, … dhum paan karna.
By the way even in sudh Bangla its dhum paan .
Only th English have three different words, eat drink and smoke.
Someone asked me recently, do you eat or drink soup?
We eat soup, despite it being liquid, probably because its eaten with a spoon and not drunk directly from the bowl unlike tea or beer. Or you have soup to avoid the problem.
But if something is injested through the nose its snorted like snuff or more potent stuff.
In Bangla its called tana.. nossi tana.. for snuff.
But for stonger stuff its again khaowa.. pata khaowa.
But even smoking is tana.. cigarette tana. Come to think of it so is drinking if it’s the spirit that cheers… mal tana.
So we don’t eat every thing.. so there

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