Punny police puts aside penalty

Punny police puts aside penalty

I was just 25, and had was the proud possessor of my first company car, a brand new sparkling white premier padmini.

I was an impatient and rash driver, having picked up these traits in Delhi, where this was the norm.

One day, when the traffic light turned yellow, as per Delhi driving etiquette, I speeded up to dash through. But the light turned red midway, and a waiting cop nabbed me on the other side.

I tried to bluster my way through, by saying that I was a sarkari afsar, and this was a sarkari gaddi.

Which means that I’m a government official driving a government vehicle, and therefore above the law

The policemen wanted proof, and seeing that it was an insurance company vehicle and official, though government owned, said that

Ye to adha sarkari hai,  or, only half government.

I quickly quipped  but I only crossed half the way when the light was red.

Thankfully, the Haryanvi cop had a sense of humour, and laughed uproariously, letting me go without a fine.

Sometimes punning can put off penalties.



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