The tie and pants

The tie and the pants
I had an uncle, a brilliant man with a spectacular academic record who was a passionate painter and traveller, but very laid back career wise, working in an unassuming position in some government department.
He left for work every day in an untucked half sleeve shirt and crumpled cotton trousers.
My father on the other hand, his junior from the same engineering college, worked for a multinational corporation and left for work in a car driven by a liveried chauffeur, nattily dressed in suit and tie.
My school uniform too involved tucked shirt and tie, but my sartorial elegance was closer to my uncle’s, and my shirt was rarely tucked and my tie usually inkstainened and loosely tied somewhere below my left ear 👂
For this lapse I was frequently chastised by my teachers, but my shirt and tie refused to conform to the norms.
In fact I once met an ex class teacher who on seeing me remarked
“ I’d know Soumya anywhere. Shirts still untucked and ties still askew “
Incidentally, I too worked n the government sector. And a natty boss called by style statement as the Delbert.
Coming back to the story..
Living in constant dread of being found short on my dress code, I wondered how my uncle got away with it.
So I asked him
“ doesn’t your miss scold you when you don’t wear your tie?”
He replied
“ no, in my office they don’t scold you even if you don’t wear pants. Nangta hoe geleo kichu bolbe na “
The vision of lot of grown ups working in an office without pants was quite surreal, and remained etched in my young mind well into adulthood, even when I worked in a similar environment.

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