She came out in the balcony every evening
He waited quietly for a glimpse of her
Seeing her was the high point of his day
Sometimes she looked down and noticed him
Rarely she smiled
Those days were bliss for him
Then suddenly from one day she stopped being visible in the balcony
What happened? Had she moved? Married perhaps?
His life became dark blank and meaningless.
He took succor in poetry

Akashta khali
Baranday kak
Kothay gelo Nila
Amar jibon phank

He waited for her name to light up his screen
He sent memes, jokes and forwards .
Sometimes she reacted and even replied
Those days he was blissfully happy
Then suddenly she disappeared from his screen
What had happened? Was he blocked?
His life became dark empty and meaningless.
He took succor in poetry

Aj bhoyanok mon kharap.
Because no premalap
Let me follow you
And wallow in my blue




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