Ajay Sharma learns a lesson

Ajay Sharma learns a lesson

This was the first branch that Ajay, a twenty five years old just two years since leaving college and working, was heading. He was super excited. The idealism of college days was still strong in him. He wanted to do good for society.

The office was in the outskirts of Delhi, and the previous manager, had died in office of heart attack while drinking, apparently a practice in that office. He was also undergoing a cbi investigation for corruption charges. As no one else was willing to go there, the bosses thought that sending Ajay will solve problems and get the outspoken young man out of the way.

It was a notorious office, where  discipline was unheard of and corruption was the norm

The cashier used to charge money from the agents to deposit their collections. When Ajay tried to stop this, the cashier simply drew lines on the cheques so that they are presumed cancelled. Ajay had to check everything personally to stop this

He had to also cancel the evening parties in the office with the managers of the neighborhood banks and other government agencies which were funded by the daily collections under the table. This gave him the reputation of being a snob and unsocial.

He decided o concentrate on rural business and solicited cattle insurance from the diaries in the area. This received enthusiastic response and business flooded in.

But next Monday he was stunned to find that a large number of cattle had mysteriously died on Friday after closing hours and as the carcass couldn’t be kept, they were disposed off after getting certified by the vet. And the eartags were deposited in office.

Eager to help the poor Ajay decided to immediately process the files and release the payment.

Then one anomaly struck him. How did the vet cover such a vast territory  certifying cattle deaths all in one evening? A call to the bank officer who had sanctioned the loan got a surprising response.. sir don’t worry, release the money slowly over time  your share will reach you by month end as per previous arrangement.

Further enquiry revealed that these were loans given on non existent cattle certified by the vet and they subsequently died again certified by the vet and the claim amount is shared by the loan officer vet and branch manager while the dairy owner gets a cut. Everyone is happy and only the government loses money.

After more research he found that the same tag numbers have been on cattle that had died every few months after being reborn and bought on loan from different banks in the area. The theory of reincarnation was thus established by the official records. Alternatively, cattle also shared the ability of the cats of having nine lives

Ajay Sharma rejected the claims and the diary owners cursed him for being anti poor and their political representatives came and threatened agitation.

Ajay was cured of his idealism and decided to pursue corporate clients only henceforth

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  1. Excellent Presentation with beautiful images (including the one on cattle) πŸ€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ― πŸ’™ 🧑 πŸ’š.

    Mr Ajay Sharma must have learnt life time lessons from cattle business, though cattle are innocent animals.

    Marvelous twist at the end that He decided to pursue corporate clients πŸ€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ , coming out of tainted system.
    Best wishes, πŸ’₯

    CA K Ravi Shankar

    Liked by 1 person

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