The good student

The good student

Khan saheb was a happy man. At the fag end of his career he was posted to his hometown where he was a very big man and lived in his large colonial style bungalow.

All his older sons were well settled, daughters married and he was looking forward to a well earned retirement with a terrific pension and handsome bank balance

The only worry was his youngest son, Amir, still in school and a perfect brat

He was studying in the best school, and had private tutoring at home, as well as a maulavi, who taught him his roots ,Arabic  , Urdu  and the Koran.

But Amir was an indifferent student and an abominable unbeliever, not interested in his culture at all.

On his way to work Khan saheb passed a school every day  and saw a pundit teaching maths with great dedication. Impressed, he hired puditji to teach maths to Amir.

Poor Amir, on returning from school had to face in turn the maulavi and the pundit, while his friends were out playing. This put him off religion for good and he hated Arabic with passion

With the pundit, there was a worse problem. The teacher had halitosis. It was torture for poor Amir.

But his fertile brain found a solution. He got a table fan and placed it facing the teacher and put it on full blast.

The teacher was really moved. He did not have electricity at home and the fan was a luxury he enjoyed at the students house. When his solicitous student let him enjoy the full benefits he was touched

When at month end he met Amirs father to give his students progress report he declared

β€œ your son is a ideal student. He revered his teacher. Such a student will go far in life as they are people of character

A very pleased and surprised Khan saheb was relieved that his prodigal son had turned a new leaf

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  1. Marvelous πŸ€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’.

    Quite an unexpected turn !

    Beautiful touch !

    Perceptions do make meaningful difference and positive outcomes !.

    Best wishes,

    CA K Ravi Shankar

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