After the rains

Central Park after lockdown in the Monsoon has grown completely wild and beautiful 😍.

Most of the paths are covered by foliage.Zillions of frogs are roaring from the swamped undergrowth.

With restricted entry there are no walkers in sight. One lone birder with his camera was being harassed by the flocks of birds 🐦in revenge for earlier intrusions now that the tables are turned

We could have been in dooars or north andamans or rawanda and not the heart of Kolkata. The snake that slithered away added to the feeling

Entry is restricted to a few hours only, if we produce certification for double vaccination. Being Bengali , we are a little extra conscious of our rights, and a gentleman was vociferously arguing with the poor guards that regulation says vaccination, not mask, and thus he refused to put on his mask. It was a matter of principle after all.

The forest guards in raincoat and masks looked like ww1 soldiers in gas masks, or from some dystopian sci fi film

My favorite morning walk location is open at last

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  1. Hiii Sir.Just managed to find your blog on WordPress.It’s hard to believe that such a great writer keeps a blog updated with his posts almost regularly.Also, I am reading your book.I have barely seen any author thanking readers on the acknowledgement page including the readers who borrow books and read.The tales are superbly exciting and the narrative flows like a river.I want to leave a feedback after I complete reading.How can I reach out to you?

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  2. So much greenery in just a few pics!! The captures are beautiful!
    Nature prevails where humans don’t!!
    I sometimes feel as if, us getting locked at home was divine intervention to restore the ecological balance of the world.
    The world has been spared so much damage in the past 2 years.
    Do check out my articles and give your feedback!


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