Fat happy joyful man in beach shorts with phone and hat makes a photo.

“Aap jaban hai kya  “ the oriya fishermen asked me

I couldn’t understand what he meant

He repeated his question and answered it himself

“Aap jaban nahi aap budha hai. Aap aur ander nahi jana “

The conversation was on a deserted beach in Chilka in Orissa, where I was trying to bodysurf, a sport I had learnt ages ago from some German tourists in Goa, and have been trying out at the various beaches of India over the years, with varying success.


This time though, I was quite unsuccessful and getting a bit battered and bruised in the process.


The sole lifeguard, watching my efforts, waded in and promptly ordered me closer to the shore in knee deep water.


This bruised my ego but I realized that age is catching up and many years of good living have taken its toll.

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This reminded me of an incident many years ago.  Since college days, I had the habit, like most other students of vaulting over low walls instead of going around the gate.  Later in life too, after parking my car at shopping centers I would vault over the walls instead of going around the gate.  Until one time, when, leaving my wife to go around, I tried to vault over and went sprawling on the side walk attracting a small crowd trying to help me out.  My wife gently reminded me start acting my age.  This of course give great entertainment to my kids.

Image result for cartoon image of fat man on a beach


I noticed this change during a vacation in the Andamans.  Earlier, when we were swimming in the sea, my wife would ask me to keep a watch out on the kids.  This time, I heard her telling the kids to keep a watch out for me.


Image result for cartoon image of fat man on a beach

The matter was brought home cruelly, when I was in Alibagh with my daughters and had gone para sailing.  Like we had done many times before, while waiting for the boat to pick us up from the mother boat, we decided to take a swim in the open sea.  When it was time to get back to the boat, I noticed that however hard I swam, I could not get any closer and kept drifting away every time I rested.  My daughter tried to encourage and stay with me, but I urged her to go back and tell the boat to come over and pick me up.  This she did, much to the merriment of the other passengers, who shouted man over boat, or see you in Africa, where the current appeared to be taking me.


Ultimately, I was rescued and hauled overboard like a beached whale, with the only damage being to my ego.

Image result for cartoon image of fat man on a beach


The final nail was knocked in recently in Lakshadweep.  We were in Bangaram with white sand beaches and a crystal clear blue lagoon.  My daughters grabbed a kayak each and dashed off to the sea, and I followed suit.  The next thing I know I was wracked with excruciating back pain and turned back with great difficulty to return to the shore.  There I had to be helped out from the kayak.


I have now finally been motivated to cut down on my craving for the calories, the sugar, the spirit that cheers, and all the good things of life and start the dull painful routine of hitting the gym, in a futile effort to keep aging at bay.


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  1. Very practical and updated version of an elderly young man, I know him for last 4 to 5 yrs. He finds humour nearby and in all activities how much serious they may be. He knows how to tackle the toughest subordinate as well as boss, while working as a senior executive of a PSU
    I wish to read him continuously in future also. Good luck Saumya.

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  2. Too good and hilarious
    Sir in all your blogs you are deriding yourself unabashedly
    A very rare trait amongst people

    Enjoyed reading your blog .
    You have a way with words

    Liked by 2 people

  3. The ravages of time eventually take their toll on our bodies, however much we may try to keep them at bay. But good food, good drink, good friends, good books, good natters and a robust and sharp sense of humour can only bring enjoyment to oneself and those around one. And your writings are living proof of that. So keep it up, Soumya – and by no means act your age! 🙂

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  4. Genius presentation on thrilling experiences in various beaches of Chilka, Goa, Andamans, Alibagh and Bangaram (Lakshadweep), with very impressive cartoon images of a fatman on a beach🍀🌿💐💐💐💚 💙 🧡 🎯.

    I admire your concluding observations:
    “I have now finally been motivated to cut down………..
    ………………. aging at bay.”

    Instead of Gym, you may consider walking at your convenience in green surroundings 🍀🌿🍀💐 .

    Best wishes, 💥

    CA K Ravi Shankar

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