Blast from the past

Interesting encounter at lodhi gardens todaySomeone hailed me and reminded me that more than three decades ago he had joined the branch I was heading as a newly recruited marketing officer. And that he had retired and staying in a government flat in lodhi road as his wife was a bureaucrat.He also said that he remembered me in his retirement speech recently as on his joining day I had apparently driven down in my new white fiat and picked him up and driven him down to my branch office. He apparently was overwhelmed by this mundane act and remembered this all his life. He remembered the vehicle number and the color of the seat covers. It must have been not more than a five minute drive.Ihad no recollection of this trivial matter and was touched that such small gestures have such deep impact.
I was more surprised that these boys whom I thought were kids were actually older than me and I was a mere boy then, the youngest branch in charge. Apparently the other young man who joined with him was retiring very soon. We discussed old days and the other people in my team who were mostly retired. I was reminded of long forgotten incidents and people. It was a good feeling
Burst of nostalgia. Left me feeling sentimental.

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