The pup

She was all white
With one black eye
Small and slim
A cutie pie
A frisky pup
But a cunning thing
But she looked
Like a saintly being


She first came home
In a small shoe box
On some cotton wool
And some old socks
She would lap her milk
And soon grew up
And ran all over
A sprightly pup
She would steal sweets
When no one looked
And look blameless
When she was booked
When mom was away
She would get into my bed
As this was banned
As my mom saw red
When she jumped off the bed
I could guess that
Mummy’s coming this way
And I would start
Putting comic books away
And start home work
When I came from school
She would jump at me
And lick my face
And run with glee

She would steal my socks
And slippers too
And chew them up
To make some poo
When I got married
She didn’t like my girl
Like a jealous girlfriend
She would bark and snarl

I loved her so
And then one day
She was no more
I cried and cried
Though I was a big man then
And boys don’t cry
Leave alone men
I can never forget
My small best friend
But like all great things
There has to be an end


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  1. Written at the stroke of emotional outburst without any edit in less than ten minutes is highly appreciable / resonating.
    Anything on the stories she left behind?

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  2. Oh, yes. It sums it up beautifully. All of it. Only, in my view, “they” do not come to an end, but are merely taken to some place where angels care for and play with them until a long-awaited reunion comes about. The interval may be long and sometimes moving and even painful, but I’ll bet the reunion will be spiffing! Well done Soumya. Extremely well done, indeed. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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