The book


The book
I am a magic box
With treasure inside me
Do you want to get the loot?
It is quite easy
All you have to do
Is learning how to read
Then the treasures are all yours
That is all you need


You just turn the cover
And a wonder awaits you
Out jumps djins and fairies
Gods ghosts what have you
Tales of long long ago
Glimpses of distant lands
Adventures dreams and legends
All are in your hands


You can laugh and cry with me
And have oodles of fun
Get lost in my pages
And my job is done
I and all my buddies
Hang around a majic tree
You know where you find this place?
It’s called a library
Why don’t you come and join us
And bring along your pals
Together we will have such fun
All you guys and gals

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