Reviving an old whimsical story

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

caveman chefcavemanFLY ON THE WALL
The Admins of Project 365 asked for volunteers for a suicide mission to be a fly on the wall at any point in History, so I promptly did. Armed with special powers I wondered where to go first!
Unveil the secret behind the Resurrection by visiting Jerusalem at the turn of the millennium? Dan Brown would lose his readership, but I might upset too many believers.
Find out the reality behind the Mahabharata wars by flying to Kurukshetra a few more millennia backwards? But with Bramhastras flying around, even a fly might get fried. Could return later perhaps?
Then I hit upon it! I had always wondered at the brilliance of the man who first invented omelets. To look at the dirty round shells emerging from the rear end of birds, which contain a smelly yellow liquid when broken, and to dream up these fluffy golden…

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