Cracking the Mains — Shillong Style

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Cracking the Mains — Shillong Style

There is a rite of passage to Manhood ritual that is practiced by all Graduates in India, called cracking the UPSC, the acronym for the body conducting the civil services exams.

This is an annual event, held since the colonial times, in the ancient tradition practiced in China for millennia, of testing the youth in various academic disciplines, to choose the body of men ( women too, but will continue to use the male gender for convenience, feminists please excuse) who will administer our great nation.

Every young man has to participate in this gruelling mega event at least once, more often thrice, nowadays as many as six times, till they are young no more. The prize is an entry to the hallowed circle of Avatars, or Gods, of the Indian Avatar Service, otherwise known as the IAS. The consolation prize is The Allied…

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