My Gussie moment

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

Giving out the Prizes
All those fortunate enough to have sampled the literary Plum Pie, would remember with relish Gussie FinkNottles speech to the school children when giving out the prizes at the village school. Except for Gussie of course, who may not remember it quite so happily? So, when fate sprung a Gussie on me, and fortified by little more than green tea, I was on my way to distribute prizes in a village school, I giggled with nervous anticipation, dreading the ordeal.
It all happened some months ago, during our annual budget meeting, when, basking in the glory of being the top sales honcho, and dozing through the presentations to recover from last night’s celebrations, I was alerted when the speaker was exhorting us to pay attention to our social responsibility and not just targets, as a new legislation made it mandatory to spend money on CSR. This…

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