Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

Mummy, tu bhi bach gayi!


“Mummy, mummy, mai bhi bach gaya, tu bhi bach gayi”, the little boy sang doing the



The story goes back about 30 years when the boy’s grandfather along with all male

relatives were massacred in Pakistan in 1947; his grandmother survived due to the

incredible bravery of muslim neighbours who hid them. Having escaped to India with her

small children, the unlettered young lady was thrown from her middle class existence as a

bank employee’s wife to penury at the mercy of distant relatives,


The elder son took up a petty job with the relatives, finished schooling through night

school, rising through the company’s ranks. But he insisted that the younger brother

study in a school & later college to get the advantages he had missed. The younger

brother however hated studies but was passionate about music and art and the…

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