And then there was the ban

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Plum pastimes

It all started off on a lazy summer morning.One of those days when time was aplenty and pastimes in short supply.Exams were done and consigned to the dustbin and the mind found itself free to wander. And on one of those meanderings, it found a page on FB- Fans of Wodehouse.
One click and I joined a world inhabited by like minded souls from across the world. It was a world of the Drones Club and the Blandings Castles; of PSmith and Tuppy Glossop; of Uncle Fred and Aunt Agatha. A world that put our own to shame with its subtlety and humour.

The ‘fans’ met often it seemed to me. In Bangalore when I was in Mumbai and in Mumbai when I was in Bangalore…. Until I decided I had enough of missing these obviously fun gatherings.
My Whatsapp circle soon expanded to add the Mumbai Plums and what…

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