Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow


We already know that everything in the world of ideas originated in India.

We invented zero, and the binary system in mathematics. Although the Arabs took credit for that for long, much the same way we copy paste friends’ posts on facebook and assume credit, but the truth finally prevailed. Imagine doing long division with roman numerals, leave alone calculus. We figured out that the universe was not geo centric, and nobody got burnt at the stake for such views. Plastic surgery was practiced by Susruta. Pythagoras copy pasted his theorem from Vedic maths. Democracy was an Indian system long before the Greeks and Romans tried such new fangled experiments.

Not only that, but If we believe our brothers of the Sangh family, nuclear power, fusion bombs, space flight, calculus, genetic engineering, aircrafts were all there in Vedic India. Leaving out a few minor inventions like paper and gunpowder, which…

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