The season returns 😊

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

broken_heart_by_fastreflex-1ODE TO BBM ROMANCE (AND SUNDRY SOCIAL MEDIA)

Your every ping

Makes my heart sing

A chat a day

Keeps blues away

Through emoticon

The heart is won

Your status update

Could seal my fate

Your profile pix

Is a heady mix

Of hot and sweet

I follow your tweet

And whatsapp too

I follow you

On the facebook

It is no fluke

That (your) every post

I like the most

On mails we chat

Of this and that

Until at last

Oh! Meet we must

Then I awake

Your profiles fake!

And all your pings

Of sweet nothings

Went out en masse

Alack! Alas!

My pal, my bro, my boss, my dad!

All got them, we’ve all been had!

And if all this has taught something,

Never ever trust a BBM ping


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