My Dream Man, by Aditi Bose, A Review

My Dream Man, by Aditi Bose, a review
The stewardess scrutinised the book in my hand and gave me an amused look, or so I thought. My co passengers too seemed to share her views. Maybe I was oversensitive, having been ribbed earlier by my harshest life critics, my two daughters, who also suggested that I would enjoy Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City. Gender stereotyping of the worst kind maybe, but a middle aged man cannot be seen reading a book with shocking pink cover, called My Dream Man, with a modernist rendition of some Kama sutra illustration on the cover. Fifty Shades of Gray may have been more indulgently accepted, but a Mills and Boones would have crucified me similarly.
Having read an earlier book by the Author, Aditi Bose, called Hamaguri goes to School, which had impressed me, I bravely plunged on.
A word here, Hamaguri was purported to be a children’s book, but was really a parenting guide. I was meant to review. But I dared not, as going by the reviews of my offspring on my parenting style; parenting is one job I am least qualified to comment on. This is by way of an explanation and apology to the author.
Dream Man soon had me chuckling and nodding in agreement. Disguised as mush, probably as per the dictates of the agent or publisher, this is a sort of autobiography of a young intelligent girl who wants to be a writer. She talks to her readers, meanders around, comments on diverse subjects that occupy the mind of someone like her, from food cravings to boring lectures; from drooling over men to writers block; from intrusive parents to interfering relatives. This builds a rapport with the reader.
The language is free flowing, easy, chatty and witty. This is a bright young writer, and even in an m&b kind romance, the brightness and wit shine through, often tongue in cheek.
This also works as a guide to wannabe writers like yours truly, and the pitfalls that come in the way, like copying styles we think may sell, and pressures from the agent to write in a certain way. Maybe that’s where the pink came from.
The plot is in standard romance format, which, judging by the other titles by the publisher, Authors Ink Publications seem to specialise in. This is about the romance between a gorgeous teacher and a bright young PYT; A bit of wishful thinking by the author perhaps? I will not disclose any more of the plot so that the little twists in the tale come as a surprise to the reader.
I wish the pink cover gets the desired readers, and others are not scared off by it, so that the book is a hit, and we see more coming from this talented youngster, whether erotica as hinted in the book, or more sensitive stories.
I for one am looking forward for more titles in all colours of the rainbow.

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