Creation,Chapter 29 of Memory, a Novella

Creation, Chapter 29 of Memory a Novella
Written for Nanowrimo extended
Copyright (c) Soumya Mukherjee
Nowadays, when savouring a good repast, the gourmet likes to enjoy wathing the process. This is the era of open kitchens. I shall take a leaf from their book, and provide the same facility to my readers.
Here is a glimpse of the creative process for the loyal reader who has been following the story patiently so far.
Author, head tilted on one side, tongue slightly out, eyes squinted, typing laboriously with one finger.
Suddenly he looks up to see the screen blank. Curses a bit, goes back to menu- is clueless, calls someone and finds cursor had not been clicked at the right place. Starts again.
Occasionally he hits a wrong key or absent mindedly rests his elbow on the keyboard or rests the TV remote, beer glass, ash tray or the book he is reading on the said long suffering keyboard.
Note: author is an incurable multitasking addict-he is writing the story, reading Fay Weldon, watching Anger Management or Star World, has FB open on laptop, reading watsap messages on phone, sipping beer, eating chips, smoking and trying to keep the ash from burning holes in his Bob Marley T shirt.
Net result, strange messages appear or writing disappears or large gaps appear in script.
Many entreaties later, his scornful offspring restores the original frame as if by magic and work proceeds.
A slightly tattered looking piece results, large parts of it in capital letters, paragraphs MIA, various red and blue squiggly things underlining the words.
Disgruntled daughter cajoled into unscrambling the mess and author discovers it is easy to create space; the squiggles are the red marks teacher used to put- bad spelling and grammar. But opinion on spelling and grammar seemed to differ between computer and author, till the difference between the American and English usage dawned on him.
But just before the happy ending the screen goes dark and he discovers that the little message he was ignoring was telling him to add power source and the battery goes dead.
On the verge of tears, charger is connected and after an eon of heart stopping sight of a revolving wheel, the sign “restore screen” appears -then excitement as the picture is back. Thank God for auto save-its not only Jesus who saves -so does Microsoft word.
Now some editing and copy paste- a story is born
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