On the occasion of Rabindrajayanti, a relook

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow


 Holy cows?

For every true blooded Bengali, whether by birth, adoption or naturalization, there is a holy trinity of Bengali literature – Bankim, Sarat and Rabindra : the Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar of the literary pantheon. It is, therefore, by definition sacrilegious to criticize any work by the triumvirate, and an immediate fatwa is declared on any ordinary mortal who presumes to do so. This has been discovered by numerous contemporary lesser litterateurs, and has recurred over various generations. Buddhadev Basu and Sunil Ganguly and other enfant terribles over the ages have suffered this fate.

This fatwa extends to any research into their personal lives as well, unless it is to establish and they were abstemious saints with impeccable conduct which would not cause a Victorian matron to frown. Any evidence to the contrary is a work of the devil incarnate.

Given such a healthy atmosphere of debate, it is…

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