the most memorable meals of my life

on the request of a travel writer I greatly admire, i am sharing this again

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

eating winnieeating moleMOST MEMORABLE MEALS I HAVE HAD

I am a foodie.  My girth gives credence to the fact. But when I try to remember specific feasts, it is not the quality of the meals, and definitely not the quantity, but the associated memories, the ambience, the locale, the company and the circumstances in which they were enjoyed that make them memorable. Often it was poor fare by any gourmet standards or any standards at all, but the enjoyment derived beats Michelin rated chefs hollow. Not that I usually dine in that style, but had the good fortune of sampling a few. Enough of this preamble; Listed are some meals I vividly remember, despite being in an elevated spiritual plane when partaking in them.

In no particular order—–

Dal bati and chach.—1983 Rantambore

Venue- a remote hamlet near Ranthambore in Rajasthan.

Ambience-Squattig on the mud floor, being served by giggling veiled women

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