06 Mar

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Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow


I am sure you remember the eternally popular film “Sound of Music” from your childhood. It had a formula for an antidepressant in the form of a song, for such eventualities as dog bites and bee stings. Both very painful events, of which I have had first hand experience, and can assure you that as a painkiller, the formula does not work. Raindrops on roses, for god’s sake! I can’t imagine anything less effective for dog bites. And I had no idea what were strudels. I suspected that it could be a powerful painkiller. When I discovered what they were, in a lovely hippy café in Manali, I realized that they were as effective as the raindrops. But Manali provided other herbal antidepressants which I had learnt to appreciate by then. And they were Very Effective ones too, and certain to distract one from the pains of bee stings.

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