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Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

superphonesSuperpower of my mobile
In response to a Indiblogger prompt on If your phone could have a superpower, what would it be
If my mobile were to have superpowers, I wouldn’t like it to have anything extraordinary. After all, my phone is already smarter than me, and I can hardly figure out half the things it does. Any more powers and it will completely take over my life and treat me like a mere serf, and who wants to be bullied by his accessories?
But I do wish it would do some very vital tasks which no gadget I own can do for me.
For one, I need a gadget to find me things I have misplaced. I spend endless hours everyday to look for my keys, my wallet, my iPod, my specs, and even my phone. I wish my phone had the ability to locate all these things, after…

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