As the title suggests. …..

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

frustrated-writerFurther Adventures of Tech Challenged Blogger
If you have patiently pursued my adventures upto starting this blog, let me give you a close up.
Author, head tilted on one side, tongue slightly out,  eyes squinted, typing laboriously with one finger.
Suddenly he looks up to see the screen  blank. Curses a bit, goes back to menu- is clueless, calls someone and finds cursor had not been clicked at the right place. Starts again.
Occasionally he hits a wrong key or absent mindedly rests his elbow on the keyboard or rests the TV remote, beer glass, ash tray or the book he is reading on the said long suffering keyboard.
Note: author is an incurable multitasking addict-he is writing the blog, reading Fay Weldon, watching Anger Management or Star World, has FB open on laptop, reading whatsapp messages on phone, sipping beer, eating chips, smoking and trying to keep the ash…

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