Valentine seasons back again, the flip side

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

My little girl had shared this funny story of heartbreak with me, which I am trying to fictionalize

Medha had just moved to Delhi. Her Mom was thrilled to come back to her hometown, but for the girl it was a scary new place. She dreaded having to make new friends in a new school. Everyone here was so large and loud. She couldn’t speak Hindi, which people found funny.  She was just entering her teens. In her old school she was the star singer and artist and had many friends, a few admirers and a serious crush that she missed so much. Here she was just the awkward kid with a funny accent who wouldn’t open her mouth. She was pining away for her old city.

But things slowly changed. Mostly because of a totally extroverted girl, Dimpy, who decided to take the new kid under her wing and…

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