The most romantic valentine story

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

potato-love1samosaHAPPILY EVER AFTER

Aloo was lonely. He had traveled the world. Far from his homeland in South America he had travelled with the Spanish Armada and the Portuguese galleons and even with the English pirates. He was celebrated in Europe, especially England, where he was paired off with boiled mutton and sometimes with roast beef. In Ireland he became the staple diet.

Now he had moved to distant India with the Europeans. He was welcomed here. The land suited him. It reminded him of his homeland. He had found many partners here. In the northern part, he was paired off with Poori. Further north he had an intense and close relation with the paratha. So much so, that they were known as ’ aloo ki paratha’ as a couple. In the east he was again paired with meat, but this time in a curry. In the west he was paired…

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