AAP Yahan aye, Kisliye?

with elections coming up in Delhi this becomes relevant again


Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

A Bollywood analysis

The phenomenal rise of the mango people party raised the skeptic’s eyebrows. No one believed them except the gullible mango people, whom everyone claims to represent and even name themselves after, be it Janta,  Bharatiya  Janta, or Grassroots (Trinamool). Democracy is supposed to be about them – of by and for the people. The left had copyrights to concern for them. So what is the big deal? Why do people suddenly start believing in them? Haven’t they learnt their lessons? The Congress in the 50s, the Left in the 60s, JP movement in the 70s, AGP in the 80s, Grassroots in the 21st century, all came with promises of change,  Naya Zamana, Sampoorna Kranti or Parivartan, none of which came to pass.

This is because the only thing the mango people have left is hope. Take it away and we go the way of lemmings. So…

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  1. Hope that if they win this time around… they will at some point be able to add this refrain ….
    Hum yahaan aaye …..isliye… and not ….Hum yahaan aaye…Kisliye…once more

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