whats permitted as humour? The debate re: I am Charlie makes this relevant again. I AM CHARLIE

Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow

What’s So Funny?

Have you heard the joke about the sky?                                                                                     It goes over your head

Actually, this is the only sort of humour that is a no no, jokes that you don’t get. Everything else goes.

Jokes are meant to be funny, and that’s it. Fullstop. Political correctness is for politicians. Jokes are meant to let off steam. They can be crass, mean, off colour, misogynist, racist, casteist, ageist, sexist, anti something or the other, hurting the sentiments of someone or the other. Damn it, it’s a means of letting off steam. It has to be this way. Irreverence is a must.

In the medieval period, courts had jesters or fools or bhands, whose job was to crack jokes that would cause an ordinary citizen to have his or her head adorn a spike. But the king needs the truth, which the yes-men can’t provide, and so the jester…

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