How do I unwind        An Ode to Wodehouse

In response to a prompt on project 365

After a horribly hectic day

(The stuff we do to earn our pay!)

When the minds quite boggled out

And all good cheer’s quite up the spout

The milk of human kindness has

Quite curdled up, and in a flash

I might go up, in flames and smoke

I get some help, from a quiet bloke

He shimmers in, and calms my mind

Perks up my mood, helps me unwind

And takes me to a Wonder land

That doesn’t change or age or wan

In this world stout butlers butt

And men in spats try out the Putt

Where Lords keep pigs, which are their bane

And Aunts aren’t all Gentlemen

Where every problems solution

Is the Gentleman’s personal Gentleman

Whenever the world looks glum

To cheer you up, there’s always Plum

Escape into his magic land

Where words cast spells, and Puns abound

But first get into something loose

Throw out the tie, kick off the shoes

A frothing mug, a cup that cheers

Put up your feet, forget your peers

And Ring for Jeeves, he’ll take you there

Let guffaws thunder everywhere


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    1. I picked him in my preteens & 4 decades later re reading him is such a pleasure. Both my kids & are addicted too :D. My wifes less crazy but Plum helped her agree to marry me 😀
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    1. how wonderful Laxmi. Please do. I desperately need readers. See Desperately seeking readers :D..I recommend Made for each other- my only piece my wife liked;, Not so funny- the one liked by Honoria Glossop;, Growing up- the most popular till date, ;Custodian – the one selected for an Anthology; and Getting married, -my personal favourite. Would love feedback

      On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 11:01 AM, Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow wrote:



  1. I was delighted to give my brains a Vee bit of a break and land up in the dream filled Wonderland,very engrossing and look forward to many more such diversionary attractions!

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