Fraudster — A review

Fraudster – A Review

Paisa  Vasool.

R V Raman’s Fraudster published by Hachette, is a 289 page turner giving you your Rs 250 money’s worth.

Raman uses his insider knowledge of the financial and corporate world to give us a coherent believable whodunit which keeps you gripped till the climax.

It draws on the Bank scam that made headlines a while ago, and exposed their vulnerability. It starts with an enquiry, where a junior executive is being made a scapegoat, which happened in real life too, and continues with her murder disguised as accident to silence her. The senior banker with integrity investigating this apparently commits suicide. The auditor who smells a rat is killed in an apparent robbery bid.

It is left to a brilliant young auditor, who is also a martial arts exponent, her random crew of friends, which include techies, salespeople, hackers and accountants, and one dogged detective inspector to unravel the mystery, against all odds, outwitting political interference, judicial indifference, corrupt bankers, land mafia and vicious gangsters.

The police investigation, using mobile call logs and tedious legwork has an authentic feel. The land acquisition scam which is in the news for the alleged involvement of in laws and outlaws gives the story a contemporary touch. The financial jugglery is explained in detail but simply for laymen. Best of all, all the clues are provided for the reader to solve the case. The pace does not drag. All the loose ends are accounted for in the final explanation. Thus all the parameters of a successful thriller are met. We shall not quibble over the minor inconsistencies as they do not hamper the plot.

I do not want to reveal any more so that the reader may enjoy the chase. I am looking forward to more such taut corporate and financial thrillers from this writer. Also looking forward to a telefilm version, as this seemed tailor made for the medium. I recommend that you try it. Thriller fans will not be disappointed.


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