Svaha A Book Review


Svaha,  by Pratik Kamat, published by westland ltd as a paperback and ebook, is a fantasy fiction,229 pages long, and will set you back Rs 350 and a couple of hours of your time.

This is Dan Brown in a Lungi. In fact, it is Dan Brown and Eoin Colfer doing a Lungi Dance.

And why not? Why freak out over Judeo Christian mumbo jumbo which practically dates to yesterday when we have our own far freakier stuff that are genuine antiques?

Here we have superheroes, symbols, chants, curses, bloodlines, gods, monsters, superpowers, sacrifices, Armageddon, all from our own mythology rubbing shoulders with hacking, Harley Davidson, terrorists, commandos, corruption, border disputes, ethnic cleansing, Kargil, encounter killings, what have you! In fact it is too rich a diet. Ingredients from all super hit recipes come together in the classic Indian dish, the khichree. But, with so much masala, it is a little difficult to digest.

But if your digestion is strong, pitch in. You will meet Superman and Hulk in their Indian Avatars, a hot teenage biker heroine in dreadlocks and tattoos; watch the classic battle between good and evil, a hint of romance, some code breaking, some philosophizing, and have a bit of patriotism thrown in.

The plot is as bizarre as an average Bollywood blockbuster. A pious Tamil fanatic changes Hulk like into Ravana to avenge Tamil honour by individually massacring indifferent Tamilians, arrogant North Indians and Villainous Sri Lankans and IPKF ,all with a magical sword,  to be thwarted by a teenage girl, an incarnation of Sita who true to times doesn’t need a Ram to protect her, but a little divine help is welcome.

It ends with the classic move to ensure a sequel.  All the best to Pratik Kamat.swaha

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  1. Ouch! That review hurt. Hope you like the sequel, If they don’t send you I will 🙂

    P.S. It’s Svaha and not Swaha .


  2. Ooops! Will correct it. And reviews are rantings of unsuccessful writers , so chill. Most fantasy fiction is crazier. Even the wildly successful Ashwin Sanghvi is as logical in plots. I think, like bollywood hits, logic has to be carefully avoided for success Will kook forward to your sequel and future books. As adman, I am sure you will create hits.All the best. PS – despite the name goof up, I promise I read it at a sitting.


    1. I’m glad that you could read it in one sitting, getting bored and putting it away midway would be a far worse fate. I think the review was really entertaining. And I hope your words come true and the book gets Bollywood level of success. Logic be damned! 😀


      1. Thanx for being sporting Pratik. Will look out for more from you, and the film version. The cover could have been Katnis,maybe a new J Law will be launched

        On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 10:03 PM, Idyll Dreams of an Idle Fellow wrote:



  3. ha ha ha. Really funny. I completely liked your review. Is that the cover page of the book or is it your version of the cover??? It is so ‘Ramanand Sagar.’


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