Raindrops on Paper

Raindrops on Paper

 Sitting on the balcony, watching the distant sea go gray and mist over,

 The rains are approaching.

The dark clouds are scurrying over

 A gust of wind, raindrops splattering on my face, my glasses get cloudy

 A slight shiver, it’s chilly.

The vision is blurred, I’m getting wet

 I’m going back to other rains, other places, blurred now, misted by time;

 Dancing on the terrace, with my babies, in their chaddhies

Dragging their reluctant mom as well, and once, their grand mom

 Who was just waiting to be called, so as not to seem unseemly?

 Or further back, schooldays, splashing in the dirty waterlogged streets

 Soaking wet, jumping in joy in puddles, splashing others,

School is closed; it’s a “Rainy Day!

”Adolescence, crouching under a balcony, waiting for a bus,

 Sharing an umbrella, wishing the bus never comes

 Later, leaving the auto to walk on the beach in the rain

Making an excuse that we couldn’t get any rickshaws

 Later still, on a hilltop in Himachal, caught in a thunderstorm,

 Soaked to the bone, my little baby on my shoulder,

 Holding the hand of the older child, running to find shelter,

 Cursing the idea of trekking with kids

 Then, sheltered in a little hut by a fire

, Wrapped in the owners dirty old blanket

Thinking of what a great adventure we’ve had!

Another rain; graying now, me and my wife

Getting soaked in our driveway, refusing to go in

 Neighbors’ comment- married people don’t behave like this

 Now my babies have grown up and flown the nest

 The childhood memories- shadowy like figures in the rain

 My companion of so many rains- occupied by her own life and work

 I stand alone in the wind, the spray wetting my face

 Washing away traces of any other moisture




      1. Well, I was a hound dog till I got married, tried to stay a kewl kat till my kids became teenagers, then turned into an angry bird but now fast turning into an old jackass who will in turn become a dead Dodo
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  1. Written while crawling in a traffic jam in between phone calls on the incredibly beautiful Mumbai Pune expressway in torrential rain with the green hills dissapearing in the mist & about a 100 waterfalls in pouring rain . No time for prose or rhymes. 1st attempt @ blank verse in 30+ years & that time I wasn’t even sober . So judge me kindly


  2. Excellent soumyada….i am surprised to read that you can even write in between commercial break!!!!!hat’s off to you.. I am sure your poetic description should remind us all of ours childhood and adulthood….

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  3. Pffttt…. my Pomes actually rhyme, too. I mean, really, blank verse? What a cop out! 🙂 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about poetry. I dare not call my own efforts by the grand name of poetry, so I call them Pomes. Remember Ern Goon and his “pore old…” pomes?

    On the other hand, when I do manage to bring one out, the effort leaves me wrung out and spent for days. The last one I wrote was about a month ago and it was quite well received, one reader going so far as to label it my best writing of any kind so far. Unfortunately, it probably won’t resonate with Indian readers who have not experienced fall here.

    It rhymes too…… 🙂


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    1. yes of course, also I realise that it reeked of elitism & class bias. I too called my efforts “pomes” &’ its getting verse’ all others you notice are rhyming, including the 26 line one with each line starting with a diff alphabet, alphabetically. those are crafted. this one, embarrassingly enough, was spontaneous. we don’t think in rhymes unless we live in Musicals Ajesh. https://soumyamukherjee8.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/the-first-kiss-2/ https://soumyamukherjee8.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/a-z-a-26-line-alphabetical-piece-in-rhyming-couplets/ https://soumyamukherjee8.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/on-line-privacy-the-glass-house/ see, they all rhyme. limerics are there too if you like them 😀


  4. I put to you
    My point of view
    On blank verse
    Vs rhymed verse.
    Find the former contrived
    Seems a person really strived
    To create an effect
    –To me a defect.
    I favour rhyme
    Guess I love keeping time
    Drumming out a beat
    Seems awfully neat.
    Yours,Soumya,seems nice,
    You make blank verse no vice.
    Personally, a novice in libre,I am
    Too short the lines to cram
    My poetic pangs..
    The meaning hangs.
    But,you,my friend,
    Soldier on-a new trend
    Seems to be on the horizon
    Sadly,just isn’t my poison!!😊😊

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  5. Felt too shy to go on your pal’spage-Mr Slow Word/Last word.I’ve never been to the US,but am entranced by the slide shows Msn used to put out on the net.It’s almost a tourist-worthy event!An annual on too.The colours of fall there are breathtaking,and my fave poet Robert Frost,captures the essence of fall in New England so well.Fall is beautiful in India,too.The rustle of fallen leaves in the wind on which I’d once commented somewhere that “there’s life in death”.Who doesn’t gasp at the beauty of the carpets of our lovely and fragrant tropical flowers-gul mohar,laburnum?😊


    1. Pl tell him. Will mk his day :D. We bloggers are starved for attention & constantly seeking validation. Urvi if you are reading comments pl try my rhyming verse whose links are there too
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    2. It’s not “almost” a touristy thing. It absolutely breathtaking. Never be shy to leave a comment on my blog. I shall not only love it, but will be happy to chat. Thanks


  6. Wise guy etc,who said I am a Punjaban?😊😊😊 Surnames of a common kind shared across Indian communities😊Btw,thanks for the compliment,I could not tell you had put a face to the name😊


      1. Wise guy!!..Awww!You are too kind😊Thanks.Though have never been a believer in” my face is my fortune “..😊😊😊


  7. I have deleted my account completely, Soumya.

    It is too artificial out there. Rosy summaries, perfect families, feel-good vacation photos, stupid mundane one-line posts, that irritating expectation that even my most immature posts must be ‘liked’ and those anesthetic ‘aawwws’ and ‘mooaaahhs’ and the sterile ‘hugs’………
    ……and the realization that I am not a very sociable person. 😀


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