A – Z A 26 line alphabetical piece in Rhyming couplets

A – Z

Another due date is approaching fast

Blogging is short term, the passion won’t last

Can you believe it; I’m still at it now!

Dabbling in verse too, that calls for a WOW!

me, trying to write this piece
me, trying to write this piece

Everyone believed it’s just one more fad,

Friends are quite certain, it will drive me mad

Going on at it for six months on end!

Have I gone crazy, am I round the bend?

Inference drawn is that I am a shirk

Just drawing wages and doing no work

Knowing how laidback I always have been

Last thing I believed that I will be seen

Managing to find time to sit and compose

Nonsense and gibberish and limericks and prose

Often I wonder, why do I go on?

Perhaps it’s therapy, but  mostly it’s fun

Question is, why on earth did I choose THIS?!

Rhyming A to Z, a masochistic wish!

Should be a challenge, and that will be fun!

That is what I thought; now I am someone

Uselessly trying to find rhyming words

Verse is for madmen, prose is for nerds

What will I do now? I’m at wits end!

Xcuse me readers, I’ve gone round the bend

Yaaay! It’s all over! The last line is here

Zapped you! Did I not? Oh my reader dear?


I did think that selecting that attempting to write a poem in 26 lines with the letters of the alphabet in sequence as the project 365 wepostdaily prompt demanded would be fun, and it was, to write at least. Whether it is fun to read as well, you will be the best judge. You will find this at










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