the change catalyst I wanted to be
the change catalyst I wanted to be
what I actually achived
what I actually achived

SINGULAR SENSATION A guest prompt on Project 365 I have chosen to discuss if a blog of mine were to create a life change what would it be? It can be viewed at

I always wanted to write the great Indian novel and change the world. Sashi Tharoor stole the title but wrote something else, (which also bdw I had intended to write, damn him) and a couple of Yankee college drop outs changed the world, again, not anywhere near the way I intended.

I now write blogposts read by a dozen odd folks and change TV channels, that too as my intellectual spouse and children shun it as the idiot box, although it’s a flatscreen and not a box, and the idiot is in front of it, watching.

But what if……. ? The kind admins of 365 have allowed me to dream. I haven’t written this piece yet, but if and when I do, this is what it will achieve. It will go viral among the youngsters of our country, who will be inspired and guided by it. This article, called the Inquilabi Manifesto, will be a blueprint for change, having extracted the essence of Chanakya, Chomsky, Che and Chaitanya, and transformed them by my unique interpretation, to provide the answers we are looking for. This will start a movement which will first transform India into the Utopia that we have dreamed of.

Ulikely perhaps, but, dear admins, you have allowed me to dream..

So what can actually happen? Perhaps the editor in chief of a Random House comes across my Growing Up, or Karan Johar reads my Getting Married, and I’m approached for that lucrative contract for a full length novel or a blockbuster film, and there’s no looking back after that.

This time, the life that will be changed will be mine This should happen, but I somehow doubt that it will. But I can dream, dear admins, can’t I?

Then what will? A sensitive bureaucrat reads my Idiosyncrasies of an Administrator and decides to be of service as his cadre demands, and thus touches thousands of lives in his career, making them better.

This, as per the comments made by one such gentleman, has happened. And, if my ramblings can do this, I am ecstatic

. But most of all, the readers I would love to touch with my blog are my kids. If they feel proud of their dad on reading any, the blog would have been worth it’s while. Let me dream on

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