i'm a proud project 365 guest author
i’m a proud project 365 guest author


Rolling Stone
In response to a prompt on project 365, we post daily on how it would be to be a rolling stone with no fixed address

All my life, I’ve carried a tag,
whrever I’ve gone
You are a Bong, a Delhiite,
a Calcatian, Kolkatan
An honorary Punjabi, a Mumbaikar,
and so on and on
People need to place me ,
wherever they can
Fix a label on me ,
fit me in a spot
Draw some foregone conclusions
Whether they fit or not
Oh! A Hindu, Brahmin?
This is what he’s like
Ah! A Bong? A Marxist,
About to call a strike?

What if I were rootless,
Without a fixed abode
A man without a label,
Without a special God
Not limited by boundaries
Citizen of the World
A rolling stone, a wanderer
Cast out of the herd
Then no one could tag me
And tell me what I am
I could be who I choose to be,
Whoever I am, I AM
I could be a nomad,
I could be a tramp,
I could be a Gypsy,
I wont bear your stamp!
Oh! The joyous Freedom
Not to have a Home
Not weighed down by History
The world for you to roam
Wont carry no baggage
Born anew each day
The Rolling stones a comin’
Move outta my Way!



  1. Some people find it comforting when they can place everyone they meet in one or the other box, one or the other category. It makes things easier for them, simpler to assume and label. Wonder if they ever ask – is it really necessary? Why is it needed at all? Why can’t just people be?
    Nicely penned!

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  2. “Not limited by boundaries”

    I guess everyone wishes to be like that. But then almost everyone judges everyone else and thus mostly no one gets a life like that. Loved your take on the prompt.

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  3. WordPress recommended this blog and the title caught my attention. Enjoyed the pithy lines.Sometimes being confirmed by ethnic tags can make you feel out of place in a foreign land.

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