Why on earth do I post blogs?      What were my goals?     Have I achieved them?

Written for a prompt on project 365

I love the sound of my own voice. Trouble is, people tend to run away and remember important appointments whenever I open my mouth. So I thought, here is a forum where millions are out to bore others, and millions are happy to oblige, so why don’t I jump in too? At least I won’t see them run away.

Goal – find new victims.

Achieved- well, in case you are reading this, to that extent at least  😀


Last time I was upset that my employers are not appreciative of my many talents; I went back to my first love, writing, at my wife’s insistence, to rebuild my damaged ego. Getting published regularly in major newspapers and magazines and being paid for it soon accomplished this, but a few rejections here and renewed appreciation at workplace put a stop to this. Recently when a similar occasion caused major bruising to my fragile ego, I went back to the tested remedy. Only by now my old methods were outdated, and this time around my kids led me to the world of blogging, and two veteran bloggers I knew patiently taught me the ropes and provided huge encouragement. A few other veterans offered hugely flattering appreciation.

Goals – getting appreciation in the form of Likes, views, ratings, shares, comments, and best of all, followers. Perhaps even someday little pictures saying – Top blogger in ****, or best blogger south of MG Road, or something in those veins. Maybe reprints in the media!!!

Achieved – well, some at least. Though I console myself that my singular lack of quantity of readers is compensated by the quality of the few who do. Yes, I mean YOU. Those awards remain elusive though. And the media remain completely oblivious of me.


Now that my wife of more than a quarter century is finally sick and tired of me, I thought some beautiful young lady is going to read my posts and fall head over heels for me. And pray why not? My mugshot isn’t there on my posts, and I can lie as much as I like. This world seems largely populated by comely young ladies with a passion for the written word. And once upon a time, long long ago,  a certain young lady was enamoured of my limericks enough not to be put off when she met me in person, and in fact spent more than a quarter century in my company. If it happened once, why not again? I think.

Goal- this happening in real life, not just fantasy

Achieved – WAITING!!!!  You ARE out there somewhere, aren’t you?



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  1. Tsk tsk (on two counts). You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out why two counts…..

    (And formatting is not one of them, only because I’m in a lenient mood today. Had some good biryani, that’s why)


    1. 😀 As one of the Gurus mentioned here, please enlighten me, or rather, confirm my suspicions. re formatting, any ideas a low tech guy like me can impliment? you may have noticed the accidents in putting pictures, and the ones I chose didnt appear out of spite


      1. #1 > If you are going to credit someone, provide a link to their work. It boosts your Mozarella rank or something. Plus if one of those person happen to be Little Red, well they get a little less Little Red.

        #2 > It’s not right that you write because you’re left behind 🙂 You write because it is your right. Don’t make it a rite. If someone reads, fine. If not, hey – whatever. Unlike you I only just started writing and have never been published or paid for a single word of the gibberish I write. Like you, I have never been awarded ANY prize, yet.


      2. oh great PUNdit, thank u. PUrNam. they wernt what i thought the’d be. you have rectified one by putting in your link. the other one is the award winner superhit who needs no further promotion.


  2. If I am able to get a few comments I am happy nowadays.. you have raised the benchmark for me now 😛 As for the last goal.. all the best for that 🙂


    1. aha! are you giving me renewed hope? thanx Seeta, dont mind an aging romantic. the comments will come pouring in. just add a mugshot. contents are read after attention is held.pl post your link here taking the cue from Lastword, Then watch my flood of comments


  3. Ahem ahem! The last one was being too ambitious. Isn’t it? Or else I guess you have a gem of a person as your wife to even imagine getting into it all over again. As for the comments, they will follow pretty soon. Keep writing and yes you did manage to find a new victim. *tries to run away and instead falls flat.* 😛


  4. I agree that is it is sooo satisfying when a post is finished and published. The only problem is that every time I reread it, I think of ways to make it better. I’m never satisfied.


  5. I am young and beautiful but I am not her. I come here with one aim in mind – to read what you write and enjoy how you do it. May the pot of ‘Goal-getting appreciation’ fill up with Godspeed because you, sir, are bettering yourself by the day! There is a style I have come to identify with your humour posts. Good luck, and also in case your wife sees this. 😀


    1. Thank you Sakshi :D. Comments like this make you HER irrespective of history or geography. THIS is why I blog. My long suffering wife is immune to my inanities since ages. She’s a jetsetting corp type who reads my blog @ airport lobbies. Her comment was that I wd continue to dream till my 80s but have run out of luck after my 1st lucky strike which she regrets
      Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone


  6. So true so real ..first two ! and for the last one , you will have to come up with something as magical as u did 25 years ago 😀 . There is no dearth of young ladies looking out for word magicians 🙂 . Lovely post !


  7. This blog is too good sir. You simply adore mam to such a great extent in each blog she is there, she is unquestionably fortunate one.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This blog is too good sir. You simply adore mam to such a great extent in each blog she is there, she is unquestionably fortunate one.

    Liked by 1 person

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