IN RESPONSE TO A PROMPT ON PROJECT 365 on personal preferences in these communication modes.

  1. TALK Talking is easy. I am a babble mouth. I suffer from verbal diarrhea and foot in mouth disease. I am rarely at a loss for words. Usually my flood of words scares people off. I am frequently the last moment substitute speaker on any subject when the learned panelist or lecturer plays hooky at seminars or workshops.


Writing is tough. In the old ink pen and later ball pen days, I labored with aching fingers and elbows to put my thoughts on paper, producing illegible script.  Nowadays I type on my keypad, one finger at a time, tongue sticking out in effort, frequently hitting wrong keys and making things disappear from the page. The result is nowhere near what was intended.


  1. I talk too fast. Unless, of course I am doing one of those talks where you are paid by the minute. Free speech is always far too fast, trying to catch up with the thoughts. Good friends from way back confessed that they never followed what I said, but were too polite to point it out.

I text at snail’s pace.  I stare green with envy at the youngsters whose fingers are a whizzing over the keyboards without having to look at them, or two thumbs tap tapping at their Smartphone like demented woodpeckers. My head keeps moving between keyboard and screen like a nodding toy on a car dashboard, to check if what I have typed has appeared on screen. It often doesn’t appear in the same form I had intended. I long for the departed species called stenographers. Their electronic substitute, the software, refuses to follow my accent.


  1. Talking has one major shortcoming though.It does not come with an edit, delete or send button. For someone with my knack for foot in the mouth, and skills in how to make enemies and offend people, these are vital for survival. Whenever I open my mouth, it’s a send button, no scope for edit, delete of save as draft. How often have I rued this? The infinite patience of my spouse is why I am still married, and the virtual impossibility of sacking a government employee is why I am still employed.


Writing was the safest. You could always tear up what you wrote. And the time involved in writing always cooled passions. Texting and mailing come with edit delete and send options, and unless you accidentally hit the send button, which I sometimes do, you are granted the advantage of second thought.


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  1. Cool post bout’ yourself, Soumya. I tend to speak without interrupting, eating words that people fail to grasp and type at snail pace-once my boss remarked how i type so slowly and still haven’t fixed it. Once she sat next to me and I froze on the key board:)

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  2. I could very well relate to this because my mom too finds it really difficult to fiddle with the most basic phone. She too finds it easy to speak/talk. I on the other hand find writing the modt easiest and safest option of all. It definitely gives you an option to edit, re-edit and then a final check once before pressing the send button or the publish button. Good to know your preferences.

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  3. Very interesting take on the prompt Soumya. Fortunately I’ve always been rather tech savvy. But even so, I’ve had my share of “hit the send button in error” issues. But to date, my mom has always had issues with technology and sending even the basic text. However there isn’t anything a bit of training cant solve. Now she’s on WhatsApp 🙂

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      1. LOL. Don’t worry about that. My wife, despite being an engineer has her aversion to technology too. She hardly texts or Whatsapp or even emails. She just prefers to call and talk 😛

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  4. “you are granted the advantage of second thought.” – And that sums it up beautifully. I wish for some talkers the “edit, delete or send (to heaven’s above) button” came inbuilt. And you better be around for all Open Prompts for you can “substitute speaker on any subject”. 😀
    And if I remember a post from some time back, I don’t think your tongue dangles out on concentration when you do one-finger type. I think it’s the ciggie which does. 😀
    Thanks for writing in!

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    1. yup! One of the things to remember is “Never write when angry”. If you have to then write it offline in a wordprocessor so you don’t accidentally send it out by mistake.

      I just need a whiteboard and / or a bunch of presentation slides to start talking. Some of my happiest moments were spent standing up in front of a group of people chattering away. I’ve seen hostile crowds and lapper-uppers too.

      As far as writing goes I have never won an award nor been asked to write for someone, with or without pay. I acknowledge that as a compliment, naturally, as quite obviously it is due to jealousy in high places. 🙂

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      1. Thank u Last word. I’m not letting u get one. Totally agree with u though. Taming hostile or bored crowds with a few cracks is an ultimate high. Responce to posts comes a poor second. But love those too. Especially as its nothing to do with my job.
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  5. Love the fact that you are self deprecating to the degree that most of your readers tend to think you are joking about most of the things you write about 🙂 It takes a large heart to laugh at oneself and you sir, do more than just laugh, you practically guffaw 😀 Nice post

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  6. thank you Mahabore.When you cant fight them, join them. Everyone else laughs at me anyway so why be left out?I have no choice but to laugh at myself. Moreover, taking yourself seriously is injurious to mental health of yourself and those around you.


  7. How I envy the super kids of this generation when it comes to talking as well as writing/typing.My 77+ dad never fail to amuse me when it comes to writing on computers.He sometimes get mad at me when I try to explain the use of some helpful tools 😀 He thinks everything is complicated for his decaying brain 😦
    You are a riot ! thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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    1. Thank you Orchid. Would love to treasure you in a vase. But did you have to compare me with your septuagenarian dad 😦 despite being tech challenged I’m a young at heart badly preserved 50s. Trying to grow younger
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  8. Oops! O! no! you got me wrong..never !! no comparison my dear friend. It is the generation gap I tried to relate..btw, orchids are genuinely the long lasting flowers if put on vase 🙂 😉

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    1. 🙂 thanx Orchid. pl try my new post – Desperately seeking readers. you have sweetly obliged, but how to get others interested? you im sure dont face such problems but have a thought for poor guys like me


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