Written for a prompt on project 365 on what to do if I had a million dollars which I had to donate

When there’s a will…..

Hooray!! Hooray! Oh joyous day! I long to share the thrill!

Old Aunt May, has kicked the bucket; and named me in her will!!!

All these years of buttering up, and being the good nephew,

Have finally done the job, FIVE MILLION!!! WHEW!

But that’s not all, God rot her soul, alas! Oh what a pity

I have to give it all away, to my favourite charity

Is all lost then? No, not quite yet, I’ve got to use my dome

I remembered the aphorism……”CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME”

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  1. OMG!I ALMOST GOT KICKED OUT OF THE LIBRARY FOR LAUGHING TOO LOUD. I mean, it is a great piece but then again no one would have expected it to take such a turn. Man! You are a genius!!!

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      1. I gave you a solution. I can write you an induction speech(I don’t know what induction means but the name fit right in). Every morning, they come over and tell you what they have read on your blog and how it affects their lives (and sleep)…

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      2. Wait till u have teenage kids. They make the rules. Yours to only do & die. Actually both are voracious readers like me & judge me by v strict standards. I’m forwarding ur comments to them.
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      3. Hehe I only hope they are not a dangerous lot… I have seen what teenagers can do, given that few years back I was one…

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